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Litigation &
Dispute Resolution

The primary focus of our Litigation and Dispute Resolution team is to pre-empt disputes and to help our clients avoid litigation where possible.  However, in the commercial sphere, disputes do arise between parties and litigation can sometimes be unavoidable.  In those instances, our experienced team works closely with our clients to find practical and business-focused solutions.


Our litigation lawyers hold decades of experience representing clients in high-profile and high-value disputes through traditional litigation (before the High Court and Commercial Court) and also through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms such as adjudication, arbitration and mediation.  Through this experience, our team recognises that no two disputes are the same.  While some cases may require long-term strategy planning, other more time-sensitive disputes may require immediate legal action (for example, through emergency injunction applications outside of normal business hours).  In either case, our lawyers have consistently delivered results for our clients.


Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution team also work alongside our other specialist departments in complex insolvency and corporate restructuring matters

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